Seven Unusual Numbers – 44 Pages – PDF Download


The discovery of this phenomenon, began about a
century ago by a Russian called Ivan Panin.
The numerical Geometry of Gen 1.1 was discovered
recently by Vernon Jenkins and John 1.1 by Peter Bluer
As we now live in a scientific age of doubt and unbelief
this discovery is crucial ! The Bible and especially the
first words of the Bible are considered to be a myth by
almost everyone ! Also this evidence is a devastating
blow to the popular Da Vinci code because Mathematical
structure proves the text of Scripture is correct.
How does these numbers and their strange symmetrical
structures throw light on the subject of God and
Religion? It is because the numerical values come from
the first words in the Bible and show an amazing design.
You probably think that some Hebrew scholar or clever
mathematician has careful chosen the letters to make
this intricate design appear.
This is not possible. Why ?
The reason is that the values of the letters were
assigned in 200 BC but the sentence itself was written
by Moses in 1500 BC from a previous Ancient document.
This means that the sentence was written before the
values were known. Why should these Hebrew words
about the origin of the Universe contain such
mathematical phenomena. As we progress you will see
yet more numerical structures that defy any natural
We will see the water mark or the Signature of our
Creator woven into the actual text of the Bible.
This applies to both the Old and New Testament.