A Challenge To Atheists – 24 Pages – PDF Download


In our age the theory of Evolution holds full sway upon the minds of
everyone. When God is brought into the conversation, people look at the
Christian as if he or she are not in their right mind. As Alistair Campbell of
the Blair government said “ We do not do God ” and that attitude
seems to pervade society in general.
What is a Christian to do ?
Knowledge of the Bible is at a zero level especially amongst young
people. When Christians use the Bible, to try to give an answer, of why
they believe in Jesus Christ, they are shot down in flames by the a reply
that the Bible “ is not reliable and it is a story handed down by word of
mouth [ not true ] and was finally put in Book form, centuries later
after the events it describes. ” [ not true ]
Their answer shows appalling ignorance of the making and preservation
of the Biblical Text.
There are different proofs for the authenticity of the Scriptures.
In the Bible there is accurate history, then Prophecy, i.e. history written
in advance, such as the Prophecy of the “70 weeks of Daniel”, which
gives the exact date and time when the Jewish Messiah was to reveal
Himself to Israel at the time of the Romans.
This prophecy “The 70 Weeks”
was written down 600 years before
Jesus Christ walked the Earth. There is also Unique Evidence of a
Mathematical construction of the Biblical Texts of Gen 1.1 and John 1.1
This Evidence is given in the Book “ 373 a Proof Set in Stone ” which
explains these facts in great detail. Also the book gives a detailed account
of the Prophecy of ”Daniel’s 70 Weeks”.
Now this Booklet about the Mathematics of the Scriptures is an outright
Challenge to any Atheist. The Mathematics requires a least GCSE
standard of Mathematics (UK) to understand the details of the proofs of
the different equations.
The Non Mathematician can glean the premise of the argument by
omitting to read the highlighted text with the yellow background. [ Equation
Proofs ] As I have said this is a challenge that cannot be ignored and the
hope is that by reading this booklet it will lower the near invincible
prejudice against anything spiritual and that it will lead that person, to
read the New Testament and believe that Jesus of Nazareth is indeed
the Son of God who by His death takes away the Sin of the World.