The 70 Sevens Prophecy Of Daniel – 32 Pages – PDF Download


The 70 Sevens Prophecy of Daniel the Prophet
To understand this Prophecy I will first explain the Historical
background of the promise of a Saviour for the Human race.
The 70 Sevens Prophecy of Daniel will show conclusive
evidence that Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God,
the promised Messiah sent to Israel in the time of
the Roman Empire. This Prophecy is of great precision
and cannot be overturned because the Book of Daniel was
written hundreds of years before Jesus Christ was born.
This Prophecy is written in the Hebrew language.
There is only one question that faces us today.
Is Christianity true or false ? Is there only one way to God
through Jesus Christ ? Since God is outside space and time
we can know nothing about him except what we see in the
Physical Creation. Christianity teaches that God revealed
himself in His Only begotten Son Jesus Christ.
Now is this claim true or false ? This is the only issue !
If Jesus Christ is not who he claims to be then Christianity is
a mere human Philosophy and cannot give us Eternal Life.
This Booklet, will present unique proof that the Bible
is the true Revelation of God for Mankind.
This evidence is virtually unknown even
by those who accept the Bible.
The Evidence is based upon the Book of Daniel,
a Book in the Old Testament.
The Book was written prior to the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.
Daniel the Prophet lived in the 6th century before our current era.
In 606 BC Nebuchadnezzar attacked Jerusalem and he took the
Jewish People into captivity with Daniel who was one of those
captives. While Daniel was in Babylon he received several
visions about the future of Israel and the Gentile Nations.
These Nations were Babylon, Media, Persia, Greece and Rome.
One of these visions will be examined in this presentation
and will show evidence about the Promise to
Israel and the World of the coming of the Messiah.