The Parousia – A Critical Inquiry Into The New Testament – 604 Pages – PDF Download


This Book is the finest written comprehensive analysis of the Second
Advent. I have read nothing that surpasses it
I came across this book by accident as I was searching for information
about the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.
With a group of friends who ran a Bible Study Group, we were studying
the whole New Testament between the years 1970 to 1978. We became
aware that the New Testament taught that Jesus was to come back for
the Apostles and establish His heavenly Kingdom before that generation
had all passed away.
In our studies we always used an interlinear Bible which revealed this
starling evidence. We had never heard of Preterism, that is that the
Second Advent had occurred in AD 70 and this teaching came not from
any books we had read but only from the Bible.
During this time we became unhinged in our Biblical faith because it was
the complete opposite of what we had been taught by other Christians. If it
had occurred in AD 70, what were we all doing in this war torn world.
I found this Book ‘The PAROUSIA’ in the archives of the main Manchester
Library. The archives yield it from when it was first deposited in 1890.
Only one person before me had requested it in 1964 until I requested it.
This book answered a lot of our questions and generated a lot more.
My friend at that time was Prof. F F Bruce the professor of the Bible at
Manchester University. I managed at that time to photo copy the book and
Prof. Bruce requested to read it.
From 1978 to 1991 I worked to solve the problems for a watertight
prophetic model that would harmonised all the loose ends that Prof
Bruce drew to our attention
Unfortunately he did not live to see the results of the Model.
I have published the Model via my own Publications to be found at
Yes! the Bible contains Mathematical structures that cannot be
undermined as the Hebrew text is fixed, the Greek text is fixed, the
numeration is fixed and the Mathematics is rigorous.