Christ and the World of thought by Daniel Lamont



This extract by Prof. Daniel Lamont has to be read at least 4 times to get the full understanding of what he is saying. He is desperately trying to make Christians think about what they have been taught and believe.

The truth is that 99% of those who become believers accept the doctrines that their teachers tell them. The majority of so called teachers seldom if at all, make an effort to familiarise themselves with the Greek or Hebrew languages.

This is necessary because the Bible is not in English. Too many translations contain the underlining beliefs of the translators. Every Christian must use an interlinear New Testament in Bible study. The main reason why the views in this booklet are immediately rejected, Is because most person’s preconceived notions about the Second Advent, stops them thinking outside the box.

The Pharisees preconceived notions of what they expected the Messiah to do, caused them to reject the Lord Jesus. The Lord spoke the truth and the Pharisees were in great error. Do not have the same mind set as the Pharisees ! “Remember seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened.” “You cannot put New Wine (The truth) into Old Wine skins (embedded wrong beliefs)”