Pi and E – Intelligent Design In the First Words Of the Bible


The Two Universal Constants encoded in
Gen 1.1 and John 1.1

The two universal constants known to science and mathematics are the
well known one called Pi - p: 3.142... » 22/7 and the not so well known
one of Exponentiation called ‘e’: 2.718. p first appears as the ratio of
the diameter of a circle to its circumference C = pD or 2pr.
This constant is used to calculate the Area of Circle and the Surface
Area and the Volume of a Sphere. Its use is truly universal in Physics
and other branches of Science. For example, a few formulae are,
0 = e
+ 1 Pure Maths
ƒ0 = 1 / 2p ÖLC Electrical Theory
Force on a Planet = 4p2
m r / T
Gravitation theory
Any Science that involves 2 or 3 dimensional space or solid materials,
which is virtually everything, will always involve p.
The other universal constant is involved throughout Science and
Mathematics. It was first discovered in the 16th century and is associated
with exponential growth. It is found in quantitative science and technology
obeying the law of the form y = Ae
It is not always realised by both teachers and students just how important
this constant is.
Here are some formulae that uses e.
x = Ae
kt Wave Equation
A(x) = x / Loge x Distribution of Prime numbers
Q (t) = Qe -t/RC Electrical theory
éx = Cos x + éSin x Pure Mathematics é = Ö -1
Now why are we discussing these constants as regards the issue of
Creation and Evolution ? Special Creation by God is the answer given by
the Bible of why we are here on Earth.
First we have to establish the true value of both these constants.