Only Believe If Its True – 4 Pages – Free PDF Download


The most important axiom of a faith. It is a tragedy to believe something
is TRUE when it is NOT TRUE,
especially when we have the ability to v erify the details for ourselves.
The ability of the Human mind for self deceit is immense. The greatest
gift that God has given us is our intelligence.
Those who studied Bible Numerics can fall into the trap of thinking that
ev ery scripture should have some.
Mathematical Evidence and they become disillusioned when they
cannot find ev idence of this phenomenon in every scripture they study.
Now the Bible has inspired Prophecy wrought by the Holy Spirit and
when we see the fulfilment of it, we see that the Scripture is of Divine
Origin. These Prophecies are not in every text of Scripture but are
distributed throughout Scriptures at the appropriate places.
This is the same as the Bible Numeric Phenomenon distributed at
various important places such as Isaiah 9, the book of Daniel etc.
These files are designed to make the investigation of Bible Numerics
much easier to study. Some adv ice is necessary before you begin.
The Principle Prime Numbers in Bible Numerics are the values of 7,
13, 37, and 73. There are others values of course.
Just by finding words with the factors of 37 etc is not sufficient to
establish design.
For example Gen 1.1 which equals 2701 = 37 x 73 and then you find that
the name of the Saviour
‘Jesus’ 888 = 24 x 37 with
‘Christ’ 1480 = 40 x 37 and
‘LOGOS’ = 373, 74 (2 x 37 or 73 + 1) ( The Title of Jesus Christ ).
The fact of 37 embodied in these names and the Subject of these words
being the Creation of the world, then there is a legimate connection
between the values that makes it valid and it shows deliberate purpose
in their composition.
This is because the Bible teaches that the Creator of The World. Gen
1.1 was the ‘Word of God’ Jesus Christ.