Why Is There So Much Evil & Suffering in the World – 52 Pages – PDF Download



One day, while I was listening to the radio in my car, I heard a conversation, about the belief in the existence of God and suffering.

 The man being interviewed was asked, if he had any religious belief ?

He replied that he was a lapsed Catholic, but also claimed, he was still deep down a religious person. The explanation he gave for being a doubter, was that he had asked many people none Catholic and Catholic including priests the questions of why did Jesus, have to die for our Sins, and why is there so much evil and suffering in this World.

He said nobody, that he had asked, had ever given him a satisfactory answer for the death and suffering of Jesus Christ. This man further asked, why could God not, just forgive our sins, for those who repent of their transgressions, so making the death of Jesus Christ unnecessary.

 Many believing Christians ponder these questions themselves.

 These are fundamental questions and they need proper answers.

The gentleman also said, that he could not believe that God would punish forever and ever and ever those evil people who committed the most heinous acts against their fellow humans beings. He said that he did accept the concept of punishment for evil-doers, but he still could not believe that God would punish these sinners, forever and ever in Conscious Torment. He recognised that men commit the most grievous crimes against each other, and these crimes could not be left unpunished or else, where is the Justice ! He also did not believe that God would sentence to this same Everlasting Conscious Torment those who lived some sort of moral life, but did not accept the gospel message either by ignorance, born in the wrong place or for some other reason.

Do they receive the same fate as mankind’s mass murderers ?

 These questions we all consistently ask, why is there so much suffering, why does God, if God is Almighty, allow evil to prosper ?

 Mankind has suffered the most indescribable pain in this life, and in the end, death comes to all men and women ?.

 So the questions remain, why are we here on planet Earth ? What is this world all about ? That’s what everyone want to know.

 Christianity holds the answer to these profound questions.